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Welcome to a fine diner that serves the best gourmet recipes in town. Explore our kitchen and enjoy your time with friends and family.


We are a 30-year-old specialty restaurant serving the best neighborhood barbecue recipe that never grows old on your tongue.


Explore our menu of organic fresh garden vegetables and fresh meat cooked for sizzling perfection.

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Sweet & Sour Pork


The hot and sweet flavor brings the best flavors of the chunks.

Roast Goose


Enjoy the naturally flavored and sauced roasted goose platter.

Shrimp & Chicken Balls


Stuffed chicken meatballs minced and assembled with shrimp. That sounds new!



Pineapple Ice

The natural chilled glass of pineapple with a tangy twist of salt and ginger.


Red Bean

The specialty of herbs and sweetness of pomegranate compliments your sizzlers.


Bubble Tea

Enjoy our special herb tea at the tables or at our take away for a quick refreshment.


Lemon Tea

Enjoy the hot or cold lemon tea iced for perfection and balanced for tang and sweetness.



Hong-Kong-Style Custard

Special custard recipe from hong kong’s local streets for a good diet.


Phoenix Talons (Chickens' Feet)

Enjoy the slow-cooked Pheonix talons recipe with a complimentary soup.


Beef Brisket Noodles

Have a quick snack with the fried noodles served inside beef briskets.


Eggplant with Minced Pork

Get the right protein for the day with special meat only recipes.



What an amazing experience that I had today.

John A. Guitierrez

It is definitely a place where I would like to hang out with my friends often.

Philip N. Brown

Truly delicious food and good service from the staff members.

Douglas M. Yancey


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Some Information About Hong Kong Cuisine And Restaurants

Hong Kong Cuisine

It would interest you to know that Hong Kong cuisine is mainly influenced by the Cantonese cuisine, British cuisine and European cuisines. It also has some influences from the Chinese cuisine. You can look at it as a wonderful mixture of Asian cuisines. Because of Hong Kong’s past as a colony of Britain, it has a long history of being an international port when it comes to commerce. Hong Kong has some amazing roadside stalls; it also has some of the best and most luxurious restaurants in the world. Hong Kong has done a fantastic job when it comes to providing an unlimited variety of food and dining options with class. It gives you a complex combination of international gourmet food and expertise. If you are looking to step on the feedback in Hong Kong, you are in luck.

As you know, modern Hong Kong has been known to have a predominantly service-based economy, and the restaurant businesses have done a fantastic job when it comes to serving as a main contributor to the economy. It also has the fourth densest population per square metre in the entire world, and it serves a population of 7 million people. Hong Kong is also a host to the restaurant industry with some fierce and intense competition. Because of its small geographical size, it would interest you to know that, contains a huge number of restaurants per unit area. That is why, I can say with absolute certainty that tourists can have an amazing time here.


It even has a Cantonese and city that makes up almost 95% of the entire residential population. Cantonese cuisine is basically home food there. You will get some of the most tastiest Cantonese dishes in Hong Kong. Majority of Chinese people in Hong Kong or countries in addition to Hakka, Teochew and even people from Shanghai. There is actually a huge mix of ethnicity, and that is why, it is a fantastic place to go to if you love Asian cuisine. You should also know that rice is the predominant and main staple for all kinds of Asian meals which you get in Hong Kong. Home ingredients are picked up from the local grocery stores and some independent producer stores. Supermarkets are also very progressively popular in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong kitchens in their homes tend to be a little smaller compare to the kitchens of around the world. That would be because of the dense population density and also the fact that traditional Chinese cuisine requires very fresh ingredients. Food shopping is done frequently, almost every single day. Take-out dining and dining out is a prevalent thing that happens in every single household.


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